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Advantages of using Shopify for your e-commerce store

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Being one of the most constantly evolving, feature-rich, resourceful, and versatile ecommerce platforms these days, Shopify store is known for offering a lot of benefits. However, like anything, it is not essentially the right system for every type of online store.

Shopify has got a slew of advantages that make it the most excellent choice for any business owner, no matter one is a beginner or an experienced seller.


  • Shopify can provide a business with the capability of not just selling online, but even in a physical store, popup store or at distant locations with the help of a mobile device, so it can be an excellent option for spreading out an existing business into such channels or starting from scratch.
  • Even though 3rd party add on apps, it is possible to extend the functionality of Shopify or integrate straightforwardly with the services you need to run the business – no matter it be email marketing, analytics or other tracking.
  • The Shopify platform is optimized for online selling, with baked in support and best practices for SEO, social media marketing, conversion tracking and secure, PCI compliant payment processing.
  • The fundamental Shopify system is reasonably priced for even new businesses, particularly when compared to the cost of purchasing software, hosting and the other tools required to sell online or by means of any other channel. Even more advanced additions are inexpensive enough for the majority of businesses.
  • The team at Shopify, in addition to many independent Shopify store developers and designers even publish a wide range of wonderful content to help you not just use the Shopify ecosystem but even the ways to market, run, grow the business effectively and with ease.
  • Shopify provides you with the benefit of having access to an enormous community of fellow merchants, specialists, and developers.
  • Shopify is wonderful for getting the business online quickly and easily. Shopify comes with all of the basic – and even most advanced – tools that the majority of ecommerce businesses need to get started.

Marketing & Discounts

When it comes to a Shopify e-commerce store, it provides you with a variety of marketing tools that will take SEO rankings to the next level, in addition to sharing on social media, and automate some of the tasks. With the help of Shopify, doing the following things comes out to be very easy:

  • Getting an automatically generated sitemap that is used by Google to analyze content on each page on the website.
  • Using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to increase the speed of content delivery to mobile shoppers, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience of the customers and SEO prioritization for Google.
  • Improving SEO by adding pertinent keywords to website pages as well as product descriptions.
  • Sell the products on Shopify, Pinterest, and other social media platforms and generating discount codes effortlessly.

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