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Benefits of choosing Shopify for e-commerce store development in 2021

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Shopify is one of the outstanding solutions for an already well-known ecommerce business as well as for the ones who are planning to build an online shop. Albeit Shopify e-commerce store is a brilliant choice, you should still mull over its benefits mentioned as follows:

Fast and straightforward to set up and bring into play

Shopify offers an effortless approach to rapidly launch an online store without the bother over servers and development expenses that can be spot with self-hosted platforms like Magento. The admin interface is absolutely user-friendly, clean and intuitive for the reason that the entire features are structured logically.

You can even find extensive documentation and video guides on the Shopify website. All you really need is a product to sell.

Abandoned cart recovery

What happens if a visitor to your store puts a product in the cart but leaves without purchasing it? As per the statistics, over 2/3rd of prospective customers does it. Shopify offers an abandoned checkout cart recovery service that automatically tracks and emails such prospective customers to remind them to finish their purchase. It is a simple approach to potentially generate more revenue.

SEO and marketing tools

It is all well and good having a beautiful online store but if nobody visits you will be pulling down the virtual shutters in no time. One of the best selling points of Shopify store is its strong SEO features that will help the website rank higher in search results so customers can discover you. You even have access to advanced analytics that let you know where your customers are coming from so you can customize the marketing in view of that.

There is an app for every functionality

App store of Shopify is a treasure trove of functionality that you can add to the online shop. You can integrate with accounting software, social media websites, and shipping programs, and get in-depth analytics, add customer wish lists, loyalty programs, reviews, and print packing slips and labels as well. With more than 1,500 apps to choose from, no matter what you would like to do it is likely there will be an app for it.

Simplicity of usage

The key objective of a business owner is to increase their sales without having to be bogged down by technology and other boring administrative tasks. Noteworthy benefits Shopify provides that other ecommerce platforms do not include assistance with managing the technical needs of the store, a clear interface and access to quite a lot of useful ones. Shopify is a strongly hosted platform that will even take care of the transaction processing time.

Big selection of storefront themes

Amongst key benefits of Shopify are the beautiful storefront themes they offer. They make a website look professional and beautiful, which helps you retain customers. It offers merchants several theme choices for their store. You’ve the option to filter themes and select whether they’re mobile-only or responsive as well as paid or free.

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