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Essentials of Shopify website development & designing

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Shopify powers more than ½ a million ecommerce businesses in 175 nations. Since 2012, the number of merchants on the Shopify platform has grown an average of 74% per annum, and thus resulted in the increase in the demand for Shopify web design services in Melbourne.

With Shopify taking care of domains, hosting, all back-end, and some front-end functionality, more time, money, and resources can be spent on UX design. By 2022, ecommerce sales across the globe are expected to reach a new high of 5.1 trillion, and with substandard UX design being one of the biggest contributors to abandoned checkouts, it is more than clear the execution of ecommerce best practices will continue to prove extremely effectual.

The following are some of the key essentials that every Shopify website must:

Use attractive product photos

Images that captivate users emotionally make an ecommerce website excellent. To that end, Shopify allows to upload various images and product variants images to be uploaded. Nevertheless, following a Shopifys’ best practice, put at least one of such product images on show in-scale to set expectations.

Customers would like to carry out a detailed research of the product before they commit to purchasing it to make sure that every product image is zoomable, high quality, and vivid.

Put apparent product information on show

According to the specialists of a top-rated Shopify development company in Melbourne – Accomplishify – a shocking number of ecommerce customers dump their shopping carts because of lack of information regarding the actual price. Roughly 63% of customers quote unanticipated charges (for instance, fees, tax, and shipping) as their reason for cart abandonment, and 29% are not capable of calculating the total price up front.

Lack of transparency is a guaranteed approach to reduce conversions on ecommerce websites, so keep the following Shopify tips and tricks in mind:

  • Make the add to cart or buy now button visually distinctive
  • Communicate the value proposition clearly
  • Show a complete breakdown of the charges up front
  • Employ progressive disclosure techniques to structure information clearly

Build trust and reassurance

As per Baymard Institute, lack of trust is quoted as the reason why 21% of customers dump at checkout. Luckily, every Shopify store ship with SSL by default, and they even allow customers to leave reviews as social proof.

Social proof is an irrefutable approach to skyrocket conversions by authorizing trust on ecommerce websites. As per BrightLocal, 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so it is vital to push previous customers to leave reviews. The majority of Shopify themes even make the most of Schema markup to integrate such ratings directly into search results.

In addition to social validation, mull overbuilding customer confidence by putting live chat solutions into practice such as Kayako, Drift, Zendesk, or Intercom. Accomplishify offers one of the most promising website design and development and Shopify SEO services in Melbourne that you can always count on.

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