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Key skills of Shopify designer & developer

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When planning a client’s website, there are a few steps that Accomplishify, a leading Shopify development agency in Melbourne, goes through to ensure that you get the best possible result. Web design is one of the principal phases of ecommerce store development. A lot of people already realize that quality web design will make their business look fantastic. However, what they don’t know is that a web design specialist will even plan every aspect of a website from functionality to payment.

The result?

User-friendly and attractive ecommerce stores that will help you generate those all-essential sales. There’s much more to it than simply making a beautiful PSD as our in-house designers explain. The following are some of the essential skills that every Shopify designer and developer posses at Accomplishify:

Design Theory

Web design is less artistic than you may think; it is, in fact, more like a science. There’s a reason that so many websites follow a similar formula when it comes to placement things such as contact links, look books, and menus. Your customers have learned to utilize the web in a certain manner and if you divert too much from this formula then the usability of a website will lessen.

The following are some of the key fundamentals that a Shopify store developer in Melbourne at Accomplishify will impulsively be capable of pinpointing whilst assessing or redesigning a store:

  • Layout
  • Flow
  • Color and contrast
  • Balance and proportion
  • Spacing

These basics team up to create an attractive result. There are some more advanced design theories that a web design specialist will also have the knowledge to use such as:

  • The way these design theories work best collectively
  • Stylistic web designs
  • Custom images
  • Fonts

Captivating Content

A website designer and developer must be capable of utilizing words that captivate an audience. Writing, editing copy, and ensuring that it is put in the right place, is of upmost significance when generating sales. The ecommerce store is the virtual shop window. A great design will attract the customers to it, however, it will be the copy that directs them to the front door and makes the sale.

For example, there’s no point offering “Free Delivery in Melbourne” if the potential customers can’t see this clearly while shopping. A smart web designer will plan these little details that could make all the difference to the conversion rate.

Problem Solving

Even if a web designer or developer has communicated extremely well with a client, there can be some hiccups along the way. At times, the vision of a client is strong in their head, but they find it complex to communicate precisely what they yearn for. Therefore, a specialist at Shopify Ecommerce Development Company in Melbourne – Accomplishify – may find adjustments need to be made to the design of the site.

Designing ecommerce stores is different compared to informative websites. There may be vital business decisions that need to be made such as payment gateways, setting up product reviews, marketing, discount codes, and a lot more.

If you are seeking a Shopify web design specialist, contact Accomplishify today!

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